Biography - B. Wolf, CPT, CNT, CBT, B.S.

Ben began his fitness journey serving in the United Stated Military armed forces. This is when he realized his "calling" in instructing those to reach an optimal level of fitness preparing soldiers for the highly esteemed Air Assault & Air Borne readiness school(s). He later served in Central America where he assisted in humanitarian efforts, in addition to leading medical field training courses. His travels then took him to Europe, where he worked for NATO readiness missions.  Peak physical conditioning was at the core of Ben's day-to-day endeavors and inspired both men & women of this Great Nation to succeed around the world. 


Once Ben returned to the United States, he learned of his dad's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease and Dementia. Typically these disease processes (in tandem) have a prognosis of 10 years till end of life. 


Ben knew his place was at home, so he helped relocate his family back to California- where he took care of his father till he passed in January, 2011. ​​​​​​​​​​​​


​During this time, Ben earned his degree in Registered Nursing (RN), with a specialty in PT, which was instrumental in his bed-side care for his father (whom he loved very much). It was during the final weeks of his father's life that he knew what his life plan was supposed to be - educating those to achieve a higher level of wellness (In short, being "proactive vs. reactive"). In turn, this guided Ben into the fitness & health industry. 


Ben's late father had also struggled with obesity, hypertension, cardiac complications & sleep apnea (all co-morbidities, which could have been eliminated with a healthy diet & consistent fitness regime). This struck at the core of Ben's "life-song", which inspired him to build a fitness commonality based on primal flow & holistic nutrition. 


B. Wolf, CPT.

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